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Graduate Students

There are numerous options for someone pursuing a graduate degree in physics.

We suggest that you make an appointment with Michael Tilley, John Stewart, or Gay Stewart to discuss your path to teaching. Many of the available options require meeting early deadlines and/or passing written exams either before applying or before certain stages of the programs. Be sure to carefully investigate each choice well in advance to ensure that you are properly prepared.

Be aware that there are scholarships available for future teachers. Don’t miss the scholarship information that can be found on our scholarship page.

MAC Program

One popular option is the Master of Arts in Education and Teaching Certification (MAC) program offered by the College of Education and Human Services. Completers receive a master’s degree and teaching certification simultaneously.

Master of Arts in Education and Teaching Certification (MAC)


A graduate student whose program does not include certification can take WVUteach classes while taking graduate classes. This provides an avenue to earn certification while you are working toward your advanced degree.


Alternative certification

Another viable option is to enter an alternative certification program after receiving your bachelor’s degree. Alternative certification programs are designed for people like you who do not have an education degree but want to enter the teaching profession. Many of these programs provide a salary for novice teachers to teach in the classroom with a probationary or provisional license while working toward complete certification. Details of these programs vary by district and by state.

Check our certification page for important information including required exams and scores, minimum GPA, differing alternative licensure options, and more.

PhysTEC Certification