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For Advisors

We strongly encourage advisors to include teaching when discussing possible careers available to physics majors.

If you have a student who is curious about a career in teaching, have that student enroll in ARSC 120, the first class in the WVUteach sequence. This class allows students to take teaching for a test drive to see if they like it. Then contact us so that we can sit down with that student to work out an individualized plan for completion of both their physics degree and their teaching certification.

When advising students, don’t rush to fill GEF4 * and GEF5 . Any student who decides to complete the WVUteach program can fill GEF4 and GEF5 with UTCH 221 and MATH 318 §, respectively. WVUteach students also need to front-load other courses enough to leave sufficient time in the eighth semester for ten credits of student teaching in UTCH 430 .

* GEF4: Society & Connections
† GEF5: Human Inquiry & the Past
‡ UTCH 221: Knowing and Learning in Math and Science
§ MATH 318: Perspectives in Math and Science
‖ UTCH 430: Apprentice Teaching